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Designs and delivers “purpose-to-fit” (method-based) change readiness strategies, plans, and deliverables to meet client needs.

“Steve’s clients concurrently benefit from his holistic approach to creating OCM strategy and meticulous attention to tactical delivery details. His intuition for assessing not only the structure but the culture and dynamics of his client organizations makes him a particularly valuable advisor to the leaders of the changes he supports.” – Cynthia Martin

“Steve is an experienced change leader and helped lead the implementation of well thought organization changes during our highly technical project. Steve quickly adapted his proven techniques to our organization and effectively built bridges throughout the organization which enable him to successfully implement the required changes.” – Jim Slattery

Develops and integrates effective change-initiative supporting strategies through various organization design and development, business process or metrics-based performance, and/or learning-based solutions.

“Steve is one of those very unique individuals that can come in to any organization, assess the culture, and build a change plan that works!” –Bryan Phillips

Creates “trusted advisor” relationships with all levels of executives, sponsors, business owners and leaders.

“Being professionally adept is critical but one cannot overlook Steve’s gregarious style towards relationship development. He is approachable and friendly in such a way that builds trust within the teams. These qualities make Steve a pleasure to work with but also a trusted member of the organization.” – Jen Hunter

“His experience with large projects also makes him a very valuable member of the overall senior governance and leadership of these efforts.” – Bryan Phillips

Leverages organizational dynamics to facilitate stakeholders to a common goal.

“I had the pleasure of working with Steve on several projects. In additionally to being a true professional in the field of Organizational Change Management, he was able to collaborate across multiple teams, where individual differences outweighed similar viewpoints, and get people to focus on a common goal. Steve is a fantastic listener and has a true gift of patience – especially when mediating situations between particularly difficult end-users, IT and the business or executive management.” – Jenny Bartlow

Brings together individuals with potential to build and enable successful teams, programs and strategy.

“He brings astute professional expertise and also has a wonderful ability to reach out to all people within an organization to engage participation and open communication. This is a quality that I feel makes Steve stand out among consultants.” – Andrea Maddox-Dallas

Provides interface across multiple functional audiences to keep the delivery team and/or organization aligned and productive before, during, and post change initiative lifecycle.

“I have engaged several consultants or consultancies in the past. Steve is the first to provide a mix of solid strategy planning skills, organization best practices, and real tactical integration. He is not afraid of getting his hands dirty, and is always willing to help colleagues see the complete picture. Steve has become an integral part of our team. He has “dug deep” into our business, and understands it as well as we do, making him a valuable partner in offering solid directional recommendations on improvement and development.” – Chip Schaefer