About Protean Ventures What IS a Protean Anyway?

Protean Ventures is a fully functioning legal, corporate entity incorporated in the state of Missouri and filed as sub-chapter “S” with the Internal Revenue Service (an “S-corp”). Protean Ventures is fully insured, and I am the only employee of the company. I created Protean Ventures to make it easy to deliver services to my clients and to pay taxes to the government.


proteusProteus, an ancient sea-god, knew all things past, present, and future, but was able to change shape to avoid the necessity of prophesying. Each day at noon Proteus would rise from the sea and sleep in the shade of the rocks. Persons wishing to learn the future had to catch hold of him at that time and hold on as he assumed dreadful shapes. If all his ruses proved unavailing, Proteus resumed his usual form and told the truth.

Proteus was capable of taking on all manner of shapes, forms, and purposes at will. This is us today; like Proteus, we have to become “protean” – highly resilient and creative, able to adapt an ever-changing story, especially in the light of constant challenges and realities of our 21st century existence.

How can we change patterns so deeply woven into the structure of our psyches? We can access a set of methods to travel and train our inner space, our intuitive self, the sacred psychic capability of our souls.

This “protean capacity” of the self is virtually a new structure in mind, brain, and psyche, for it grants us the capacity to view ideas and systems – be they social, intellectual, political, philosophical, or spiritual – with a freedom not always accessible in the past.

It finds its theory and practice from the theology and philosophies of old, from East to West, as well as in the modern laboratories of consciousness research and psychotherapy. Change or re-grow your personal mythology and you will release all kinds of capabilities and potentials, your own Protean Self.